Re-elect Priya Mathur to the CalPERS Board

Don't risk your pension and health care benefits. Vote Priya for CalPERS TODAY.

The only candidate with financial and health care experience and a proven track record of delivering value to CalPERS members.

Vote today - it’s quick and easy:

  1. Find your PIN # on your ballot or call 888-492-4763 for a replacement.  

  2. Vote online at (recommended) OR by phone at 800-270-7146 OR mail in your ballot. Vote by October 1.

As your long-time CalPERS Board Member, I have:

  • Protected your pension from political attacks and local government bankruptcies

  • Doubled the CalPERS retirement fund since the Great Recession

  • Kept out-of-pocket health care costs down while expanding benefits

  • Approved the lowest premium increase in 20+ years (1.16% on average)

I've been endorsed by California State Controller Betty Yee and more than 15 labor unions across the state.

Priya Mathur’s track record of standing up for public employees and fighting for retirement and healthcare security is the reason she earned the full endorsement of her union, AFSCME. She is the only candidate to be endorsed by both her own Local 3993 and her statewide union.
— Brian Allison, Political and Legislative Director, AFSCME California
As Oakland police officers work hard to protect our City, we do so with the knowledge that you are at CalPERS protecting our families and future.
— Sergeant Barry Donelan, President of the Oakland Police Officers Association

Compare your choices. Who is better qualified to protect your pension and health care benefits?

Experience matters. Vote Priya Mathur for CalPERS.