Re-elect Priya Mathur to the CalPERS Board



The only candidate with a proven track record on the CalPERS Board and the financial experience to keep your retirement safe.

As a long-time CalPERS Board Member, Priya:

  • Protected your pension from political attacks and local government bankruptcies
  • Doubled the CalPERS retirement fund since the Great Recession
  • Kept out-of-pocket health care costs down while also expanding benefits, access, and plan choices
  • Approved the lowest premium increase in 20+ years (1.16% on average)
  • Has been endorsed for re-election by the CA State Controller and more than 10 unions across the state

Growing the Retirement Fund

As CalPERS Board President, Priya’s top priority is ensuring that your retirement savings will be there for you when you need them. Since being elected to the CalPERS Board in 2003, Priya has helped lead your pension fund through two financial downturns. Today, at $360 billion, the retirement fund has more than doubled in value since the global financial crisis.

Priya’s leadership and investment experience were key to the fund's recovery. Her focus on strategic long-term investment planning, robust risk management practices, and vigorous corporate governance have all put the fund in a position to grow and better withstand future economic instability. 

Learn more about what Priya is doing to protect your retirement. 

Securing Affordable, High-Quality Health Care

Recognizing that health care costs hit members in their pockets, Priya has led CalPERS to develop cutting-edge approaches to delivering high-quality care while also keeping premiums down. As Chair of the CalPERS Pension and Health Benefits Committee for the better part of 10 years, Priya oversaw negotiations with health plans to get you some of the most competitive health care rates in the state.