Priya has worked to expand health care access, contain costs, improve care, and keep your premiums affordable. 

First as a Member and then as Chair of the Pension and Health Benefits Committee, Priya has:

  1. Led the development and adoption of a Board resolution advocating for health care quality and cost transparency.

  2. Successfully advocated for Congressional authorization for the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to review and approve generic biotech pharmaceuticals, making these life-saving drugs available to more patients.  

  3. Spearheaded the review and addition of four new health plans to the CalPERS offerings.

  4. Ushered through a set of Pension Beliefs that outline what CalPERS values in retirement plans. This document underscores the Board's conviction that a CalPERS-style defined benefit plan is the best approach to achieving retirement security and, for the first time, states that CalPERS should advocate for retirement security for all of America's workers.